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Hi my Name is Ashley Nelson. I’m 19 years old. I’ve been speed skating for 9 years now. I joined the Nelson speed Skating Club in the fall of 2002. I’ve dedicated my life to improving my performance and moved to Calgary in August 2010 to train with the Olympic Oval Program. I didn’t have anyone at my level to train with while living in Nelson, or to help motivate me, so I became very independent and learned to work hard with what I had. Occasionally I would travel to Kelowna to train with the club there and to get coaching from Nancy Goplen a Level 4 Coach for B.C. But mostly I had to work hard on my own.

Moving to Calgary was a big step for me. I now have access to constant professional coaching, improved training facilities, and teammates to train with and support each other. This skating season I worked the hardest I’ve ever worked and accomplished many goals I had set for myself. I took lots of time off of my personal bests and became stronger physically as well as mentally. I had my ups and downs, with being so close to making the Canada Winter Games team, but not ending up performing mentally when it counted as the second trials came around. Other than that, this season was a massive success. I couldn’t have been more proud of myself with the results of my training.

At the end of the season I came out ranked as second overall junior in BC. In Canadian Women I ranked 19th in the 1500m, 14th in the 3000m, and 11th in the 5000m overall. I’ve set my goals for next year pretty high. I’m aiming to make the National Development Team in the 3000m and the 5000m. They are my strongest distances along with the 1500m. I’m looking forward to next season and I’m excited to see how far I can push myself.

Here is a website to look at my times from this season and past seasons, as well as my personal best times:

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  1. Lorna Holbech

    Glad you had such a good year Ashley – you have what it takes to attain those 2011-2012 goals so keep on working hard and believing in yourself. Lorna


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