Equipment is for your protection so that you can concentrate on the important stuff – going fast!

On the ice you are required to wear:

  • skates (your own, or rented from the club.  Please talk to us about skates if you need some!)
  • helmet ( BCSSA approved helmet )
  • bib-style neck guard
  • protective glasses or goggles with strap
  • soft knee pads
  • shin pads (these can be hard soccer-style ones, but need to be worn under pant legs
  • leather or cut resistant gloves

Optional equipment includes:

  • skin suit (with or without Kevlar inserts)
  • Kevlar ankle guards

****Some competitions require the wearing of Kevlar or Dyma undergarments and ankle guards. These are mostly National competitions, qualifying meets for Nationals, BC Games, or ranking meets*****


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