• Many of the Nelson Club’s rental skates have been purchased at VH.  Take some time to wander around their website.  Great products, right here in Canada.


  • We have done bulk Club helmet orders from Devault.  They have a wide variety of all the different things needed for speed skating, again right here in Canada.  Great products!  Check them out!

I Love Speed Skating


This is a locally run business (out of Kamloops). If you go to a local meet and see a table with equipment set up……these are the guys!! We have done extensive orders through them, all required equipment to be worn can be ordered through the site.

Please be aware that the Nelson Speed Skating Club does not guarantee, handle refunds or exchanges, or take any other responsibility for equipment bought at the above merchants.  That being said, they are wonderful equipment suppliers with great reputations…and we do our personal orders with them ourselves.  Take a look at what they have to offer.

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