Warren Johnson

Hello my name is Warren Johnson. I have been speed skating since 1998 when I joined the club in Chetwynd BC. I was heavily into skating at that time attending as many meets as my parents could get me to; from yearly mini meets to the Northern BC Winter games in 2003 and Northern Regionals.

In 2003 I moved down to Nelson and joined the club here. I continued to be competitive for a time, going to the BC Winter Games in 2004. But after the BC winter games, I began to realise that I was not going be able to compeate with some of the more serious skaters and chose to leave the competitive scene.

I continued to skate and attend some of the smaller meets in Vernon and Kelowna but my schooling was starting to get to be a bigger thing for me and I stopped going to any competitions and left the club in the 2007-2008 season to attend college. After graduating college I moved to northern Alberta to try my hand at a few jobs but after a year things fell apart and I moved south again rejoining the club for the 2009-2010 season.

When I came back to the club I started to help with the coaching and have been assisting since then with the younger group and sometimes with the older kids as well. I chose not to go back into competitive skating at that time because I was waiting on the military and also because my heart was not into the fast pace of racing anymore.

Sadly I wont be around much more due to my application to the military being accepted after two years of waiting and as of Oct 7 2011 I will be sworn in and be attending Basic Training in Quebec as a Vehicle Technician. I hope to return to the area for visits from time to time and to continue skating wherever I get posted.

*webmaster edit* – Warren has been an amazing volunteer in our club, being their unflaggingly, with a smile, at every possible practice.  Our club will not be the same without him, and we’re not exactly sure how we will fill the gaping hole that he will leave behind.  We wish you well in all your future endeavors, Warren!

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