Club Rental Skates

Don’t let the fact that you don’t have short track speed skates keep you off the ice – Nelson Speed Skating rents out skates to club members!

Rental skates are a great way to go for our growing athletes, and for those adults who are trying out speed skating for the first time.

We recommend beginning skaters wear hockey skates until they are comfortable with the technique. Figure skates cannot be worn due to the toe pick.


VH has some amazing articles that they have graciously allowed us to link in to here:

Skate fit: This gives a basic idea of how your skates SHOULD fit, and why…

Skate Molding: this works only with VH boots…it’s what we recommend you do with your club boots when we’re talking bout getting your boots to fit you!

Boot Fit: This article addresses all the small-scale adjustments that can make your skating experience more comfortable.

Boot Maintenance: Check with our coach or equipment manager before applying any glue to your boots…our head coach is very knowledgeable and will probably be able to guide you through what needs to be done.

Blade Maintenance: Everything you ever wanted to know about blades but were afraid to ask…

Sharpening Stone Maintenance: What are people talking about when discussing stones, anyway?  This article lays it all out, nicely and clearly.


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