Dryland Exercises

Dryland exercises are every bit as important to short track speed skating as the actual ice time is.  Nelson Speed Skating Club has short dryland training sessions for each group led by a coach or a junior coach to help with strength, balance/coordination and flexibility. The sessions take place each skating day for about a half hour before the actual ice time starts.

We’ve put together some links here for those who would like to continue training in the off-season, or to train on their own time.  Some of the links below are for inline skate training, but the exercises themselves are ones that are very useful for us as short track speed skaters.

Please check back again, as we will be adding more links over time.  Please let our webmaster know if there are any broken links so that we can remove or fix them. (you can do so through the contact link above)

Comprehensive workout links:

Complete Dryland Training Session with video, by Gary Westendorf

Land Training (off skate), by Alexander Bont

Yoga for Inline Skaters, by Liz Miller

Individual exercise links:

Two Lunges to Help You Stay Low and Skate Faster by Debbie Rice


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